Hello? Is Anyone Out There?


Is this thing still on?


Yeah, so, it’s been a hot minute (or months) since we have written a blog post.  Things got a little crazy and life happened, so the first thing to go last year was this little ole blog.  I thought of posting several times, but as y’all can tell, it just didn’t happen.


We are still alive and kickin’ and doing life.  Our puppy is no longer a puppy—in terms of age, so life got a little less chaotic. She at least now doesn’t pee on the floor on purpose right.in.front.of.you.  Yes, this happened—A LOT.  Yes, it was super annoying.  Yes, I wanted to trade her in numerous times but didn’t because she is just so darn cute.


I have been super busy with work.  Last year I was working on a project in Miami and then got moved to a project in San Diego.  The commute/travel time is much better.  I also have some family in the area so it was fun to reconnect with a few of them this past year.  Plus, it’s not so bad when you hop on a plane in Denver at 20 degrees and snowing (like this morning) to 63 and sunny in San Diego.  I’ll take it and I am not complaining one bit.


Brian is also busy with work and growing and expanding in his role on a daily basis.  He is also still making super yummy food at home, which I continue to eat and then after I consume, I say, “gosh, that would be a great thing to blog about.”  Every time y’all.


So, here’s some real honesty.  We don’t seem to cook with a recipe.  I do when I’m baking, but Brian, not so much.  So, in all of that, I stressed out to make this blog the best blog their ever was, so I just didn’t blog because I thought, no one will want to hear about a recipe without the recipe.  I know, silly, silly thoughts.  We have stacks and stacks of recipes that I could have posted, but then I didn’t have a photo.  These are all excuses folks.


Which brings me to posting today.  I’ve decided that I will get back to posting more on here and we promise to either post a recipe (sometimes) or simply post about something food related, a meal we ate out, a simple meal, a complex meal, because after all, this is a food blog!


Hoping your 2020 is off to an amazing start.

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  1. Kenneth Koprowski says:

    Kenny is here

    Kenneth Koprowski



  2. W. B.C. says:

    Welcome Back!


  3. LadyKDot says:

    Life is known for shaking things up ! Thanks for touching base


  4. Betty says:

    That’s delicious looking. Looks hard assemble .


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