We’re Back! Sorry For Being M.I.A.


As you’ve noticed, we’ve been a little MIA lately.  Life happens and busy work schedules plus the holidays, time got away from me in writing blog posts.  Not to make excuses, but we got a puppy right before Thanksgiving, which has been a little time consuming.  I totally forgot how much work it is to have a puppy.  Our older dog is fast approaching 11 years old.  She practically walks herself these days, literally!

So, it’s a new year…fresh clean slate…or so they say…so why not get back to things!  Here we are!

Like a lot of you, the holidays seem to come and go in a whirlwind.  I started (which is code for never finished) several blog posts during this time that I will go back and take a look at in the next few weeks to rewrite them so that I can post.

We hope your holidays were extra special spending time with the ones that mean the most to you and eating all the things that you love.

Our intent with this blog is to bring you helpful tips, tricks and maybe some humor to your daily meals.  Send us an email if there is anything that you would like to see in an upcoming blog.  We love to hear from our followers.

Happy 2019 and may it be your best year EVER!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Gary Deaguero says:

    Great to see you guys back in action!

    When are we going to post the recipe for that fantastic spaghetti sauce !


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