Oh B.L.A.T.T.


The other day was International Bacon Day…so of course we had to oblige and have something that involved bacon for our meal.  I mean come on…we’ve already done one whole blog dedicated to bacon alone.  I’m sure it won’t be the last post on bacon too.  It seems to be a staple item in our house.

So, off to the store Brian went to gather the necessary items for us to make BLATT’s.  That’s bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and turkey sandwiches.  I am a sucker for anything sandwiched in between two pieces of bread…I love me a good sammie!

After the grocery store run to get all the necessary items, it was time to cook up the bacon.  He cooked it in the cast iron skillet this time, which we don’t normally do.  Our cast iron skillet is perfecting seasoned every time we use it all thanks to Brian.  I don’t always like to use it seeing as it creates quite a mess.  Remember, I’m the one who cleans up around here, and the fact that I am a borderline neat/clean freak.


He assembled the sandwiches to perfection like always (interpretation:  a sandwich assembled the size of my head).  We purchased Sir Kensington Mayo for this sandwich to give it a try.  As you recall, we are huge fans of Sir Kensington products.  Try it on your next sandwich.  You won’t regret it.

Nothing real fancy about these sandwiches.  We toasted slices of a high quality loaf of bread we got at our local Whole Foods bakery, spread the Sir Kensington mayo on both pieces, and started to assemble the ingredients with an heirloom tomato, turkey, avocado and lettuce.  Also, remember back to the best burger post, Brian always coats the lettuce in a bit of Italian dressing before placing it on the sandwich.  Just gives it a little bit of extra flavor.

This is typically a quick and easy meal that can be made for you and your family during the week or on a lazy weekend.  We paired it with a pasta salad also picked up at Whole Foods.

Consider the next time you want a BLT and add some avocado and/or turkey to it.  I mean, we could probably call it a turkey sandwich instead of a BLATT but we like to say BLATT when asking each other what we would like for dinner.


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  1. Betty Kosic says:

    That’s my kind of dinner.


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