How To Construct The Best Burger

So, we like chicken and eat a lot of it. Every once in a while we will throw in something different like a good burger!

We went on a kick a month back where it seemed like we were making burgers at least once a week.  It could have been that it was summertime, which means grilling season and what better to throw on the grill than a good burger.

Now, this blog isn’t about HOW to make the best burger, its about how to construct the best burger.  See, it’s a little difficult to tell you exactly how to cook the perfect burger because everyone likes there burger cooked at different temperatures.

Here’s what we started with for our burgers.


The key ingredients for us for every burger is good, quality ground beef.  We cheated and bought prepared burgers from Whole Foods.  If you haven’t had them, try them.  They are delicious and most of the work is done for you.  From there, gather your toppings of your choice.  We used bacon, lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, Sir Kensington’s special sauce and buns of your choosing. That’s it…pretty simple.

Cook your burger to your liking.  When it is almost complete, place a slice of cheese on top to melt to perfection.  We also toasted the buns on the grill.  Place some butter on both bun halves before grilling.  We also grilled our bacon.  Check out our post about our Grilled Bacon!


It’s now time to assemble.

Want to know a little trick that Brian does that I think is amazing and adds additional flavor to the burger? He lightly coats the lettuce leaves, in our case we used butter lettuce, in Italian dressing.  Use just enough dressing to coat all the leaves.  He lets that sit for a couple of minutes before placing it on the burger.

Here’s our order from bottom to top:

Bottom bun

Sir Kensington’s special sauce (this stuff is the bomb)



Grilled Bacon




Top Bun

Serve with your choice of a side.

That’s it.  Simple, easy, yet makes a difference with the small little details on how to put it all together.

What do you like on your burger?  Tell us what you absolutely love to put on your burger!


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  1. LadyKDot says:

    That looks amazing ! I am a burger gal at heart. I’m so hungry right now !


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